Gothic Chess

The ingenious new chess played on a board of 10 by 8 squares. Everything you need to enjoy and master the game that is taking the chess world by storm -- Gothic Chess!

The Original Gothic Chess
tournament set

For playing Gothic Chess or Standard Chess.
Complete Set of 40 solid plastic, felted pieces.
Tournament style 10 x 8 vinyl mat.
Standard 8 x 8 tournament mat included.
King=3½ in., Mats=18 x 22 and 19 x 19 in.
$50 with Free Shipping in the U.S.

The Original Gothic Chesstournament set

A World of Chess: Its Development and Variations
through Centuries and Civilizations

400 pages, over 400 illustrations including maps, diagrams and photographs.
The most complete, engaging, clear, and accurate book ever written on where chess has been and what it has become, over the past 1500 years.
$45 with Free Shipping in the U.S.

A World of Chess, 400 pages, over 400 illustrations.

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